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Humphrey Alumni: UC Davis Wants to Connect with You!

Our University continues to grow and is always making more connections abroad. Some of you have been able to connect with UC Davis faculty and international programs abroad – we want to help make more of those connections happen.

In 2011, the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA) appointed the first International Alumni Officer for the campus – Ginger Welsh. Ginger’s position is to work with and support UC Davis alumni and the alumni networks outside of the United States. On the CAAA website for International Alumni Programs, you can find a list of active alumni networks. A few of the networks listed are not as active as they would like, in part because they don't have a leader in the region. If you are from one of those groups or your home country is not listed and you are interested in helping lead the alumni network in your current country of residence, or if you know others who may have an interest, please contact us.

The information we are looking for:

  • Your current work title & organization
  • Field
  • City & country where you presently live
  • Would you like UC Davis to contact you to take part in events or activities in your area?

Alumni leaders help connect their fellow UC Davis alumni by planning events, serving as a resource to others who might want to learn more about the campus, assisting with an event if a faculty member is traveling to their country and by representing UC Davis around the world. There is no large time commitment required and it could be a great opportunity for continuing friendships and professional growth beyond your fellowship year. If you are interested in being involved, or have additional questions, please contact the Humphrey Program with the information above and we will help connect you.

Alumni News

Javier Tonatto (2012-13) Argentina writes: "I am doing fine, getting used to life down here again. I have been really busy as I am having challenging new projects, including an international research consortium that I am building with colleagues from USA, China and Uruguay. I was also invited to give a presentation in Orlando, FL this month."

Tahawar Hussain (2012-13) Pakistan: Tahawar received approval to extend his his Humphrey year through December 2013. He worked as a Senior Research Fellow for Greentech Leadership Group, a Sacramento based organization fostering dialogue between the policymakers and the green technology sector, providing insight and education, and supporting green economic development in the state of California. Tahawar was involved with Title 20 Rulemaking Proceeding of the California Energy Commission for Energy Efficiency Standards in consumer electronics, and California Public Utilities Commission's Energy Data Access Rulemaking Proceeding.

Huguette Ngilambi (2011-12) DR Congo: During her fellowship year, Huguette had a goal of becoming more instrumental in setting (REDD) regulations for the Central African region. As a Fellow, she enhanced her understanding about assessment, monitoring, adaptation, and mitigation practices for managing natural resources in the face of climate change. Huguette has now accomplished her goal and recently joined SNV as Renewable Energy advisor. Read her bio at:

Samson Ngutwa (2010-11) Malawi: Samson writes that he recently applied for an AusAID PhD scholarship. “My topic is Understanding Critical Supply Chain Factors for Linking the Greenbelt Initiative and Presidential on Hunger and Food Security in Malawi to Markets. I have received feedback from the University of Essex and my proposal has been accepted. I am now keeping my fingers crossed for the Commonwealth Scholarship. The PhD study opportunity could open unimaginable opportunities for me.”

Albert Somanje (2009-10) Zambia: Somanje received the Humphrey Program Alumni Impact Award this year, awarded by the Institute of International Education (IIE). This grant awards $10,000 for Humphrey alumni to pursue projects in their home country or region that use the knowledge and skills they acquired during their Humphrey Fellowship year. Somanje's project will train 50 farmers in sustainable banana production, which will promote crop diversification and act as a pilot project to be implemented by neighboring communities in the future.

Lasting Connections

Humphrey alumni Shanta Nagendram (Tufts University, 1987-1988) and Khairuddin Tahir (UC Davis, 1988-1989), both from Malaysia, were recently lead trainers of a training and study tour for Afghan Ministry Officials. The ten-day tour brought 16 agriculture research and extension specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) to Malaysia to learn from experts in agricultural development.
A former Deputy Director-General of the Department of Agriculture in Malaysia, Khairrudin was involved in designing the Malaysian agricultural research and extension component of the agro-food value chain approach of the workshop and field visits. Shanta, who is an international management consultant and trainer in leadership and negotiations, facilitated the soft skills component of the training. Her company, SkillFocus Consultancy, also served as the program’s local coordinating agency in Malaysia.
The training, which was held from November 19-30, 2012, was the third training and study tour of its kind to be implemented. Both Shanta and Khairrudin are expected to continue collaboration in similar on-going capacity building efforts.

Have You Checked Out the Alumni Map Yet?

Once again we would like to highlight our interactive alumni map. Just click on the country and scroll to see the names, areas of expertise and the link to the web pages of our diverse Humphrey Alumni. Individual web pages are currently available for Fellows in the program starting in 2009-2010.