Alumni News

Alumni, we would love to hear from you! Send us your photos and notes from the field. We’d like to assemble a database for contacting one another and would even love to see if/when you visit, connect with one another, etc. Expect to receive some email communications in the new year as well as an increased alumni presence on Facebook!

Alumni News

Diógenes Aires de Melo (2013-14) Brazil: I returned to my job at Urbanization Company of Goiania City (COMURG) and started to get together the first zero waste group in Goiania City and Goias State. In order to start our activities in reduce, reuse, recycle and against waste, we decided to get contact with the Brazil Zero Waste Alliance (BZWA). We were invited to attend Zero Waste Seminar and established a partnership with them, creating a branch of BZWA. I would like to thank all of you from California Against Waste (CAW), CalRecycle, UC Davis Humphrey Program, International Institute of Education (IIE), GAIA, Edgar Associates, California Composting Coalition and others for the support when I was there. 

Tika Thapa (2012-13) Nepal: Tika plans to work with disadvantaged farmers in Kanchanpur, Nepal in order to teach them how to better utilize the bagar land along the river for crop production. Additionally, he will help the farmers find a market to sell their produce throughout the community to meet vegetable demand.

Albert Novas Somanje (2009-10) Zambia: Recently received an Master of Science degree in Climate Change and Adaptation from the African Climate & Development Initiative.

Mohammad Khurshid Alam (2008-09) Bangladesh: It is my great pleasure to share with you that I have been awarded “Australian Alumni Excellence Award – 2015 for Innovation and Research” given by Australian High Commission, Dhaka. Every year, this award is given away among the alumni obtained any degree from Australian university and contributes a remarkable role in his/her respective field. Of course, developing the technology for organic crop production as part of my PhD dissertation was considered as one the vital factor to achieve this award.

Tanh Nguyen (2007-08) Vietnam: I am currently working as a postdoc at Idaho State University. The year in UC Davis has helped change my life to become better and better.

Sightings in the Field


Assistant Director Nikki Grey Rutamu visted several countries this past spring where she was able to connect with Humphrey Alumni. Pictured right with Albert Novas Somanje (2009-10) in Lusaka, Zambia.


She also visited Bangladesh and was able to have lunch with Mohammd Khurshid Alam (2008-09) and Farhana Shoan (2005-06) (photo left).

Former Vice Provost of Global Affairs, William Lacy and his wife Laura met up with several Tanzanian Humphrey Fellows on a trip to Tanzania in February. There they were able to connect with Severine Assenga (2011-12) pictured below left and Richard Bruno (2012-13) pictured below right.

Tanzania Tanzania

Have You Checked Out the Alumni Map Yet?

Once again we would like to highlight our interactive alumni map. Just click on the country and scroll to see the names, areas of expertise and the link to the web pages of our diverse Humphrey Alumni. Individual web pages are currently available for Fellows in the program starting in 2009-2010.

Humphrey Alumni: UC Davis Wants to Connect with You!

Our University continues to grow and is always making more connections abroad. Some of you have been able to connect with UC Davis faculty and international programs abroad – we want to help make more of those connections happen.In 2011, the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA) appointed the first International Alumni Officer for the campus – Ginger Welsh. Ginger’s position is to work with and support UC Davis alumni and the alumni networks outside of the United States. On the CAAA website for International Alumni Programs, you can find a list of active alumni networks. A few of the networks listed are not as active as they would like, in part because they don't have a leader in the region. If you are from one of those groups or your home country is not listed and you are interested in helping lead the alumni network in your current country of residence, or if you know others who may have an interest, please contact us.The information we are looking for:

  • Your current work title & organization

  • Field

  • City & country where you presently live

  • Would you like UC Davis to contact you to take part in events or activities in your area?

Alumni leaders help connect their fellow UC Davis alumni by planning events, serving as a resource to others who might want to learn more about the campus, assisting with an event if a faculty member is traveling to their country and by representing UC Davis around the world. There is no large time commitment required and it could be a great opportunity for continuing friendships and professional growth beyond your fellowship year. If you are interested in being involved, or have additional questions, please contact the Humphrey Program with the information above and we will help connect you.