Farewell to the Class of 2015

As we conclude the 2014-2015 Humphrey Fellowship year, it is hard to say goodbye to the class of 2015. We hosted our graduation celebration in early May with many friends and families. It has been a pleasure getting to know this fascinating and dynamic groupHumphrey Graduation of leaders who come from 11 different countries including Ghana, Djibouti, D.R. Congo, Haiti, Guinea, Pakistan, Liberia, South Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar and China. They arrived in August ready to take on the 10-month program consisting of UC Davis and Extension classes, workshops, seminars, conferences, trips/retreats, and professional affiliations. This program strives to enrich professional and technical skills, create linkages with innovative leaders in the industry, foster the exchange of knowledge and mutual understanding and create a lasting partnership with the US and other countries. Good luck and best wishes to all of you in all of your future endeavors. Please stay in touch and keep us updated on what you're doing.

Graduation 2015