UC Davis Humphrey Newsletter - Summer 2015

From the Directors

As we look back on the 2014-2015 Fellowship year was rewarding, busy, enjoyable - truly fantastic. We are honored to work with such a distinguished group of Fellows and wish them well as they transition to life after the fellowship. We have enjoyed working with and learning from them, their interests and cultures, and feel that our program, the UC Davis campus, and local community have been enriched by their presence. In addition, as we work with the Fellows, we are reminded of the vast network of people and resources in our area that help make this an exceptional experience for all involved. To those of you who come out in suppHumphrey quoteort of the program - from professional mentors, instructors, affiliation hosts, and the alumni network to the host families, language partners, friends and students who helped in so many ways - we owe you a great debt of gratitude. You embody the words spoken by Hubert Humphrey: "The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it." We so value that friendship and welcome it throughout the Humphrey Network for years to come.

Peter Hartsough

As we look towards the 2015-2016 academic year, we welcome a new member to our team, Dr. Peter Hartsough. Dr. Hartsough was trained as a hydrologist and is very passionate about all things associated with water - both at home in California and globally. He is a member of the research faculty at UC Davis in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources and has worked in a variety of disciplines in the environmental sciences including surface & groundwater hydrology, climate change, ecohydrology, agroecology, water policy, and adaptation of natural systems in a changing world. Peter has been fortunate to work on a variety of international research and service projects. He loves to expand his cultural knowledge through travel, and his personal and professional journeys have taken him to nearly every continent. Peter is thrilled to be affiliated with Global Affairs, and to step into a leadership role on UC Davis international projects. Peter also has a passion for teaching and data science. He is excited to take on the role of the Director of the Humphrey Fellowship program and to be working with a great team to bring the best experience possible to visiting Fellows in the 2015-2016 cohort.

We also announce that Dr. Karen Beardsley will be away for the next academic year. She writes: "As many of you may have heard, I will be leaving Davis and the Humphrey Fellowship Program while my family and I live in Bhutan for a year. I received a two-semester Fulbright Core Scholarship to develop geographic information system (GIS) curriculum, teach GIS, and train local faculty to teach GIS at the Royal Thimphu College in Bhutan. While I am very excited about this great opportunity, the downside of accepting the Fulbright is that it takes me away from the Humphrey Fellowship Program during the 2015-2016 year. Working since November 2014 with the Humphrey Fellows, our fantastic Humphrey staff (Nikki, Sasha, and Kelsey), and the wonderful leaders of Global Affairs (Adrienne, Jan and Letha) has been a true pleasure and a real honor. Thankfully my family and I will be in Davis before the 2016-2017 Fellows arrive and I will resume as Director of the Humphrey Fellowship Program at that time.  In my absence this coming year, the Humphrey Program is very fortunate to have Dr. Peter Hartsough to serve as the Director." We look forward to welcoming Karen back to Davis for 2016-2017.

In collaboration,

Karen Beardsley, Peter Hartsough and Nikki Grey Rutamu