Fulbright Visiting Scholar Conference

Written by: Humberto Camacho, 2015-16 Humphrey Fellow (Bolivia)

This past November, Humphrey Fellows took part in the annual conference for the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Enrichment Program held in Asilomar, CA. This year's topic was “The Oceans: Managing Critical Issues.” The event gathered together Fulbright scholars and Humphrey Fellows with ocean scientists in a Asilomar groupunique opportunity to learn about the challenges faced in preserving marine ecosystems from human activities and its negative impacts, with experiences shared from various countries. As part of the event, a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium was arranged in which everyone could experience the beauty of ocean life and think further about conservation awareness, mainly focused in rethinking consumption patterns due to reduce pollution and safe endangered species from extinction. Besides learning about oceans, Fulbright scholars were able to share personal and professional experiences with each other and with the Fulbright staff members, which contributed to an excellent event.