Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get a degree at UC Davis?

No - Unfortunately the Humphrey Program is a non-degree program, so it is not possible to receive a degree from UC Davis. Fellows are admitted to the Humphrey Program, not the University of California, Davis. While they have access to most courses offered on campus and through UC Davis Extension, they cannot receive a degree at the end of the program. It is possible however to earn various certificates through completion of Extension courses. Also, each Fellow will receive a certificate of program completion from UC Davis and IIE for successful completion of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. For additional information on taking courses at UC Davis, please refer to the Academic & Professional Courses section.

Is it possible to get more money than the monthly stipend provided by IIE? We hear that Fellows on other campuses receive more.

IIE and the US Department of State have pre-set stipend amounts that vary by campus location. They use a per diem based on the geographical location of each campus. While it is rather costly to live in Davis, the per diem dictates the amount of the stipend and cannot be changed by the staff at UC Davis. For more detailed information on program funding amounts, please refer to Program Funding & Benefits section.

What do I do if I am ill or have a medical emergency?

If you are ill or have an accident it is important to see a doctor for proper treatment and care. If you have any type of medical emergency and cannot get to a hospital, DIAL 911. You are provided with accident and illness insurance coverage by the US Department of State. This coverage does not provide for care of any pre-existing conditions. For more information about obtaining medical care please consult with program staff.

What are the time demads of the program?

The Humphrey Program is quite rigorous. There are many activities required of Humphrey Fellows as part of the program. Fellows go on field trips, attend a weekly Humphrey Seminar, as well as other conferences and networking meetings, and may spend long hours each day in classes and involved in campus and community activities, in addition to spending time with other members of the group on campus. Fellows also travel away from their host campus as part of the program, spending time in Washington, DC for national program events. Fellows may also attend workshops and conferences in other parts of the country at various times throughout the year.

May I bring my family to the US?

Yes - IIE assists with obtaining J-2 dependent visas for Fellows' spouses and children to visit or stay with them in the US. Bringing family is an individual decision that requires careful consideration and planning for each Fellow. First and foremost, families are not supported financially by the program, so the Fellow must create a budget to allow for the additional costs of bringing family. We understand that it is quite difficult to be away from family for such an extended period, and encourage shorter visits during program downtime in December or June. Please see the Dependents section for more detailed information and the required forms needed for a dependent visa request. Please note that the approval of J-2 visas is not at the discretion of IIE, but is made in the Fellow's home country embassy.

When can I start my professional affiliation?

You can start a professional affiliation at any time. Many Fellows find it most convenient to wait until the third quarter, giving them ample time to network and contact the host organization most suitable for them. This timing also allows for coursework to be taken on campus during the first and second quarters. However, if you already have contacted the host organization and mapped out the details of your professional affiliation, you may begin at any time. You will need to complete a professional affiliation proposal and have approval by a program director and IIE, before you can begin. Please refer to the Professional Affiliation section for more details and necessary forms.

Do I have to return home on the program end date of June 13th?

On June 13, 2014 your program visa status ends, but you are allowed to stay in the US as a tourist for 30 additional days. Many Fellows use this time to have family join them and to travel around the states and do some sight-seeing. You can also obtain an extension if you are continuing work on a professional affiliation for up to six additional months; please refer to the section on Extension Requests for additional information and required forms.

The answers to many questions about the program can also be found in your copy of the 2014-2015 Program Guidelines for Humphrey Fellows