Professional Affiliation

How to arrange your Professional Affiliation:

  1. Develop a list of your primary interests
  2. Review the database of previous Professional Affiliations (see list below) to get an idea of the types of opportunities available
  3. Do a web search (e.g., Google) using your interests as key words
  4. Discuss your interests with your Humphrey Directors, Technical Advisory Committee members and other colleagues
  5. Draft a short email or letter indicating your interests and goals
  6. Phone the organization to negotiate terms of the affiliation
  7. Request a letter of invitation from the host organization to include with your proposal to IIE
  8. Submit your request to IIE using the Professional Affiliation Proposal (see form below)

Professional Affiliation Resources:

Professional Affiliation Database
Professional Affiliation Guidelines
Professional Affiliation Description for Host Organizations
Draft Letter of Interest/Introduction
Professional Affiliation Proposal Form
Host Invitation Letter - Template
Sample Host Invitation Letter
Professional Affiliation Evaluation