Program Funding and Benefits

You have a responsibility to submit a budget that falls within the amount assigned.

Stipends and Benefits of the Humphrey Fellow program are set by the International Institute of Education (IIE). Under their guidance, you are provided:

  • Temporary accommodation at the beginning of your program
  • A monthly stipend of $2,454.00 (maintenance allowance to cover housing, food, transportation and any other living expenses)
  • A settling in allowance of $800
  • A book and supply allowance of $650
  • Computer/technology allowance of $300
  • Professional development allowance of $2,400
  • Travel home allowance of $400
  • Paid trip to Washington for Global Leadership Forum, plus $150 per diem and travel allowance
  • An allowance to cover course fees ($3,000; managed by UC Davis)
  • Access to many UC Davis facilities
  • Additional funding for a professional affiliation ($1450 for non-local, $250 for local)
  • Health insurance
IIE Maintenance Allowance/Funding Memo

Avoid Misunderstandings

  • The Humphrey Program involves more money than what the individual Fellows receive.
  • Some Fellows are mistakenly informed that they receive more than their stipend.
    • Stipends vary by campus and are pre-determined by US State Department per-diem rates for different geographical areas
  • The cost of hosting each scholar at UC Davis is much greater than what each scholar receives. This is true at all universities hosting Fellows.